Eyecare today is being delivered more and more by national commercial optical retail stores and huge insurance dominated ophthalmology clinics. With their huge advertising budgets and emphasis on customer service and profits instead of quality care, they have created high volume fast paced vision factories that provide basic care and offer a minimal number of eyecare products that are, at best, adequate for "the masses". They advertise low prices and fast service, and this is quite appealing on the surface. As our lives have become more hectic, a large market has developed for this "fast food eyecare".

  • UP TO 100% OFF OF BRAND NAME (counterfeit) CONTACTS
  • FREE EYE EXAM INCLUDED! (you pick which eye)
  • FREE TV WITH EYEGLASSES PURCHASE! (minimum $1,000 purchase)
  • $49 FOR 2 PAIR OF (our ugliest, cheap-o) GLASSES!
  • NO PRESCRIPTION OR DOCTOR EVER NEEDED AGAIN! (no refunds ever, too bad)

Nowadays, "continuity of care" hardly exists. When patients get their eye care from the place with the latest coupon deal, they don't develop a long-term relationship with a doctor who gets to know their eyes, and as a result, many subtle health and vision problems may go untreated until they have reached an advanced stage. Glaucoma is a perfect example of an eye disease that can go undetected for many years, when different doctors examining the same patient do not get to compare the findings year after year. Instead of going to an eyecare provider for the "deal of the month", find a doctor you like and trust, and stay with them as long as you can!

We are in the midst of an explosion of new and better eyecare products. There are hundreds of contact lenses now available besides the ones advertised on TV! We can correct astigmatism, color blindness, and bifocal needs, and we can reduce and eliminate nearsight, farsight, and astigmatism with eye retainers that improve your vision while you sleep! There are contact lenses that resist deposits, and others that are miracles for dry eyes.

There are also hundreds of eyeglass lenses available! With these new thin materials, we can say goodbye to "Coke bottle" glasses. Anti-reflection and scratch coating technology is vastly improved compared to older less expensive brands still offered. There are eyeglass frames made of titanium, nickel-free, and stainless steel materials that are thinner, stronger, and more colorful than ever before!

Unfortunately, however, this explosion of eyecare products is going largely unnoticed, because most of these products are simply not offered at the "fast food" places. They don't want to confuse "the masses" or their own inexperienced salespeople with too many choices, so they just offer up a few products.

It is sad that people have to put up with mediocre care. Maybe they go along with whatever they get because they've never experienced truly excellent care. We have seen repeatedly how our patients go from failure to success, and from "pretty good" to "really great" with the right products, and, of course, a "never give up" attitude from the doctor.

We want to show you the difference this can make for you. We will take the time to listen carefully to your eye problems and vision needs, we will explain their causes, and then we will give you options for solving them.

Dr. Jeruss TV interview on eye retainers

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