The widespread use of computers has created an epidemic of eyestrain and eye related headaches. Having to focus and concentrate on small print for a large part of the day causes all of the eye muscles to work excessively.

Whether you don't need or already wear prescription lenses for seeing far away, your eyes could certainly benefit from wearing custom computer prescription lenses.

In general, there are 4 muscle tasks that are involved in doing any kind of near work:

  1. The focusing muscles must move the position of the image onto the retina.
  2. The turning muscles must aim the eyes together at the object viewed.
  3. The tracking muscles must move smoothly across rows of words.
  4. The targeting muscles must jump accurately from one word to the next and from one row to the next.

This is a lot to ask for 8 hours a day. Constant eye muscle stress causes you to be tired physically and mentally. Your ability to concentrate decreases and you become less productive.

At Eye To Eye, when we recommend that you get your vision examined every year, we do a lot more than get you to read the 20/20 line. We test all of these muscles and make our recommendations to provide you with not just clear, but the most COMFORTABLE vision possible. This often means wearing a special pair of computer glasses or doing specialized eye exercises to keep your eyes relaxed and functioning smoothly and efficiently.

For patients over 40 who use a computer a lot, most eye doctors prescribe progressive no-line bifocals for general use. But for computer use, progressives are not a great option. The clear channel is narrowest just at the distance that most people work at their computers, so viewing the computer even slightly off center means that the eyes are not looking through the channel but through the distorted areas to either side. An option that we often recommend because of the very high satisfaction it provides is a "computer trifocal". This lens design has 2 lines across the lens, like a regular trifocal, but in this case, the lines are set with a much taller intermediate distance viewing area, allowing much better vision at the computer distance and height.

This is not rocket science! All it takes is us having a detailed conversation with you about your vision needs and habits and voila! The answer magically appears!

Dr. Jeruss TV interview on eye retainers

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